Churchville Curve Travel Baseball


Churchville Baseball Travel Baseball Program

The Churchville Baseball travel program is an opportunity for our more experienced players to compete against other seasoned players from other baseball organizations in a more competitive environment. 

Most of our teams compete in the Harford County Travel Baseball League (HCTB) as well as select regional tournaments as etermined by the team.

Each season, Churchville Baseball will attempt to sponsor travel teams of various age levels from ages 8 - 16. The selection and number of teams is determined by the availability of enough talented players.

Please Contact us for more information about the Churchville Baseball travel program.

Brooks Parsons Travel Coordinator

current curve teams

9U Curve

Head Coach: Ken Jones

League: HCTB

10U Curve

Head Coach: Tim McInnes

League: HCTB


11U Curve - Black

Head Coach: Randy Geyer

League: HCTB

11U Curve - Gold

Head Coach: Brooks Parsons


League: HCTB

12U Curve - Black

Head Coach: Joe Olivacz

League: HCTB

12U Curve - Gold

Head Coach: Caesar Rossilli 

League: HCTB

13U Curve

Head Coach: Chuck Henry

League: HCTB

15U Curve

Head Coach: Ken Glover

League: MABA

Plan to Manage, Coach, or Asst Coach

 If you plan to Manage, Coach, or Asst Coach, the Rec Council Requires that you pass a Background Check to do so.  This is a Calendar year requirement. If you have questions contact Dave at